Thursday, 15 April 2010

Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum

Karcher have made cleaning windows easier than ever before. The new Karcher WV50 Window Cleaning Vacuum is a two piece cordless window cleaner system. The first part is a spray bottle with micro fibre cloth head which is used to apply the cleaning agent and loosen the dirt or debris on the surface, the second part is the cordless vacuum cleaner which uses a squeegee head and vacuum system to draw the water down in to the reservoir.

Once complete, the windows are left clean and streak free, no more aching elbows or streaky smears, just clean and shiny windows. The WV50 window vacuum also works on other smooth flat surfaces such as tiles, mirrors, even coffee table. It is great for mopping up small spills or leaks.

The Karcher WV50 window vacuum is cordless and is powered by a Lithium Ion battery giving up to 20 minutes of cleaning per charge.

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rukaluka said...

The battery life is poor.

I am a professional window cleaner - 2 guys work for me.

To be honest, I would buy one of these tomorrow, if it would last all day, even half a day. It would harm to swap the battery over in the middle of the day.

However, it only last 20 minutes. It is not practical to change the battery 21 times a day!

Otherwise, a great idea! We had been looking at this idea, but it's not easy to make practical.

It would save the use of scrims.

Transtools said...

The Karcher Window Vacuum is designed for home owners and not really designed for professionals. In our test though, the battery did last closer to half an hour.

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